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When a dying criminal confesses  that he was in search of the $350,000 he buried after a bank robbery 15 years previously when he had his fatal accident. a wacky race ensues among an all-star cast of the biggest names of comedy in this hilarious epic.   

Rating G

Release date 1963

Running time 2:39:28

Cast:  Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman and Mickey Rooney

Please click or cut and paste the link below to access the movie.[0]=68.ARDykDGq4Z3NmRurwV3MZWicJ60cgpdeYa1DOgNL2Smigj-Mkm-irOW_WxLU_lUezjwhs_MlX8H2ZNADF-uL-E5b761x4yBZINrzcxjqwvBpaYM6oef-LRMkutUXpXiXlQyGwHzYY0RDyqDcVFW-99pcjaKoYVogbKa8QygJS0gC7paHiAjBD-F-ydSvZyVOwJ_SAm4r36msZxrBOvVX9NqJM2rVu80Pg8A0tv5kw2N-DrdAPiVmJikuLjODLU896rzbhvNYXfqmDTOHFmQtw29C_XqGmB_VHgzgjYnhooaeBir_VIfNEvIP6zMsB29qiEYR&__tn__=-R

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