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As part of Democracy Lab at the Spacebuster, join us for a guided walk through the neighborhood led by a different artist, activist, historian or architect each day.

Chance Ecologies  is a public arts project that explores un-designed landscapes and wilderness found in New York City’s abandoned spaces, post-industrial sites, and landfills. Join one of the curators of Chance Ecologies, Nathan Kensinger, on a walk through the regulated and unregulated spaces that surround Grand Army Plaza, considering artistic responses to the wild plants and animals that have found a home in our dense urban environment. As part of the walk, artists duo Kristyna and Marek Milde will contribute a herbal drink made with plants gathered on their foraging trips and expeditions, Sarah Nelson Wright and Edrex Fontanilla will share a virtual-reality glimpse into distant chance ecological sites, and Matthias Neumann will engage with the idea of "invasive" and "illegal" species.

View the schedule for the whole week here.


Photo credit: Matthias Kastel/ raumlaborberlin
© Übermut Project

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