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Participants will learn about the fundamental concepts and techniques of Chinese brush painting. This virtual course will focus on studying the Four Noble Plants - the bamboo, the orchid, the chrysanthemum, and the plum blossom, as well as landscapes. Participants will explore their symbolic meanings and practice the unique brushstrokes for painting these subjects.

Bilingual: English/Chinese {Cantonese}

Supply List:

A bottled ink; Chinese or Sumi paint brush; rice paper; optional: watercolor (both Western and Chinese watercolor will work); household bowl or cup to hold water; household plate or color palette to hold ink; paper towel for water absorption; newspapers/cloth/felt for protection of your table (Rice paper is thin so ink may go through it. To protect your table, place newspapers/papers or a piece of cloth/felt underneath your rice paper when you paint.)

Registration is required.

Brooklyn Digital: Connecting Through Creative Aging has been made possible by Lifetime Arts with a grant from The New York Community Trust.

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