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We will read and discuss the writings of famous poets, using their works as well as our own experiences as prompts to create our own poetry.  We will also use topics that emerge organically in group discussion as prompts for our writing.  We will have directed free writing during class time that will enable us to create specific poems that we will share from week to week.  We will provide helpful criticism for each other's poetry as we try to improve our writing skills.

Supplies: Paper and Pen/pencil

Registration Required. Zoom link will be sent to those who registered by 10am the morning of the program.

Additional support for Creative Aging programs at BPL are made possible with support from The Sills Family Foundation; the Laura B. Vogler FoundationLifetime Arts with a grant from The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation; Apple Bank, celebrating over 25 years in Brooklyn and over 155 years of neighborhood banking in greater New York (Visit for more information); and several BPL Friends Groups, Private Funders, and Volunteers.

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