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Latin Social Dance and Exercise: will cover the most popular Latin social dances, namely Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha cha cha and Cumbia as a means to promote health, social interaction and reduce stress.

Dance is an enjoyable health promoting physical activity enjoyed by many regardless of age, gender and cultural background. Studies have shown that dance is not only significant for our physical health, it also contributes to mental health and encourages social communication. The advantage of teaching Latin dances is the ease of learning and the gaining of basic skills necessary to enjoy the benefits, and it is fun and dynamic!

The workshop will include a brief cultural history, social rituals and musical styles of the Latin dances, warmup exercises, basic footwork, and partnering skills. 

Supplies: 1 to 3 pounds Dumbells, for the exercise part.

Brooklyn Digital: Connecting Through Creative Aging has been made by Lifetime Arts with a grant from The New York Community Trust.

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