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Participants will have the opportunities to explore the beauty of Chinese landscape and flower painting.   The class will study the concepts and techniques of Chinese Brush Painting and practice the unique brushstrokes for painting the selected subjects.  All levels are welcome.

A week-by-week syllabus

Week 1 Fall landscapes

Week 2 Morning glory

Week 3 Willow tree

Week 4 Lotus

Week 5 Pine Tree

Week 6 Rose

Week 7 Chrysanthemum with sparrow

Week 8 Waterfall

Week 9 Culminating event

A supply list (participants will be purchasing their own supplies)

Chinese/Japanese/Korean ink; Asian paint brushes (a combination brush is recommended)

Rice paper; Watercolor; a plate or color palette to hold ink and watercolor; a bowl or cup to hold water

paper towel; A felt or cloth or newspapers for protecting the table

Registration required. Zoom link will be sent by 10am the morning of the program.

Additional support for Creative Aging programs at BPL are made possible with support from The Sills Family Foundation; the Laura B. Vogler FoundationLifetime Arts with a grant from The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation; Apple Bank, celebrating over 25 years in Brooklyn and over 155 years of neighborhood banking in greater New York (Visit for more information); and several BPL Friends Groups, Private Funders, and Volunteers.

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