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Zimbabwean-born Tanyaradzwa A. Tawengwa performed “Dawn of the Rooster: A Choral Drama,” the story of the composer’s family during the Second Chimurenga, the Zimbabwean struggle for liberation from 1965-1980. Belonging to a canon of politically subversive music called Chimurenga Music, it features monologues and movements from the work, rearranged for a chamber ensemble of voice, piano, mbira, keyboard, hosho and selected readings from Zimbabwean novels.

Chimurenga Music spread the message of liberation through song during the war. The music employed a series of linguistic, textual, and structural modifications to cultivate a sense of cultural pride. This structural DNA was linked to a deeper lineage of mbira repertoire that resonated with the core of the people. Much of this music was censored, if not banned, and singing the songs was a punishable offence. The power of these songs lay in the ability of the melodies to summon the Mhondoro - the Great Ancestors of the people -  to awaken the spirit of liberation with a promise for freedom. Tawengwa and her collaborators will channel the spiritual and political heritage of revolutionary Chimurenga Music.

Click here to view this event at our BPL Presents page beginning from 4 PM, May 31, 2020. Please note: this program will be available for 24 hours. For more videos, please follow us on YouTube or Facebook.

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