In the program Devoted, ETHEL has gathered music of passionate affection and dedication from cultures of the world, and practices as old as time. Following their own conviction that music can elicit intuitive understanding, facilitate moments of empathy, as well as awe and inspiration, ETHEL guides an exotic and deeply informative journey through the music of the great religions, secular love, and communal celebration. On the way, the audience will traverse the hymns of Appalachia, the plainchant of Hildegard von Bingen, the ecstasy of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the tribal initiation songs of the Bayaka. There will be Klezmer, Kirtan, Boyobi, love songs and elegies – all expressive of the most significant human experience. Seeking an interfaith dialogue between modernity and antiquity, ETHEL demonstrates an abiding devotion to each other, their craft, and above all, the audience.

Photo credit ©Matthew Murphy

Classical Interludes is made possible in part with support from Dr. Beverly S. Jacobs, James J. O’Toole and many generous individuals.

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