In the Brooklyn Gaze Edition 2: Lightpost, Brooklynites write on the library’s iconic facade in real time.

In collaboration with visual artists Mark Read and Jeanne Angel, the first edition of Brooklyn Gaze featured animated texts by thinkers such as James Baldwin, Hannah Arendt, and Sojourner Truth that were partially erased, leaving provocative questions in their wake. These questions will form the basis of a community dialogue on the themes of Justice, Truth, Humanity, and Love. You will be invited to join this dialogue by writing in light on the Brooklyn Public Library, in your own hand, using your own words.

With instigator Staceyann Chin and music by Zenon Marko.

Come to the plaza early to move to the amazing music of Grupo Rebolu at the Plaza Swing Series event, starting at 6:30. Stay late to talk to friends and strangers, and enjoy the summer air.

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