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Birds make beautiful pictures. And photos can be useful in making tough IDs and also serve as memories of great experiences. But birds can be very difficult to photograph well.

This workshop covers everything you need to know to make great, sharp bird photos. We will cover camera basics, how to set up for different conditions, advanced tips and tricks for the field; and also the importance of post-processing and how to make a good photo look professional.

Tom Stephenson's articles and photographs are in museums and many publications including Birding, Birdwatcher’s Digest, Handbook of the Birds of the World, Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Birds of Madagascar, and Guide to the Birds of SE Brazil. He holds the US record for a photo big day and is the co-author of The Warbler Guide book and app.


The mission of the Brooklyn Bird Club is to encourage and promote birdwatching and conservation in Brooklyn and beyond.

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