Looking for a new book to read? Here's a suggestion, The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho. All adults &  their families are welcome to join, no signup required. Copies of the book are held behind the front desk at the branch, feel free to ask for one to check out.

About the Book: A fable about undauntingly following one's dream, listening to one's heart, and reading life's omens, features dialogue between a boy and an unnamed being.

About the Flatlands Bookclub: The bookclub meets every month on the last Thursday at 2pm. Members can recieve their copy of the book from behind the front desk of the library. The book will be due on the date of the next book discussion. Members can keep their book until the end of the discussion. You do not have to sign up to become a member, just request a copy of the book from behind the desk and come to the book discussion. It's that easy! All are welcome and chocolates are served. 

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