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The admissions period for the Bard Microcollege at Brooklyn Public Library is now open! Admissions for the Fall 2023 semester will run from March 1st to April 14th. 

The Bard Microcollege at Brooklyn Public Library is a small, top-quality, full tuition-scholarship AA degree program offering intellectually rigorous liberal arts study to adults whose educations have been interrupted or deterred.

Pop into one of our writing sessions to start your application on: Monday - March 20th (4:30-6:30pm), Wednesday - March 29th (5:30-7:30pm), Sunday - April 2nd (1:30-3:30pm), and Friday - April 14 (1:30-3:30pm). 

To learn more about the Bard Microcollege, or to sign up for an admissions writing session, please refer to, or contact our admissions team, Natalia Guzman-Solano [email protected] and Madeleine George at [email protected]

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