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Bard Microcollege students are enrolled in courses across the liberal arts and take advantage of access to the Library’s considerable collection, events, and expertise. The online application system for the 2020–2021 academic year is open for sign-ups. In light of the ongoing response to COVID-19, we have converted our in-person admissions process to an online process. Applying to Bard at BPL happens over a Zoom video session. Applicants will be given three or four short passages to read and asked to write an open response to just one. Applicants must sign up for a session. Click here, or the RSVP button to the right, to sign up.

Applicants may write in whatever form they choose. It does not have to be a formal essay. Grammar and spelling are less important than showing how and what they think about the passage selected. Finalists will be contacted to set up interviews, and will be asked to complete the FAFSA form. There are no standardized tests or placement exams.

Basic contact information is all that is required. This will enable applicants to reserve a place in an online writing session.

Learn more about Bard at BPL here.

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