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Italy, a window through the west: The reasons that have always made Italy strongly interested in cultivating and maintaining political and economic relations with Albania, are certainly based on the historical-cultural ties between the two countries, facilitated by geographic contiguity and by a continuous intertwining of the two stories . These same reasons must lead us to reflect on the complex and alternate Albanian transition and on the role that Italy has had and continues to play in Albania.

Brikena Xibinaku finished her BA and MA in the University of Tirana, Albania in Italian Language and culture. She has worked for more than 5 years as an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Foreign Languages at University of Tirana. She has taught Italian language, culture and Italian Literature to Albanian students. For more than 15 years, she’s worked at RTSH (Albanian Radio and Television) as an editorial archivist and translator. She is knowledgeable about Italian culture and its influence in the Albanian Culture.


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