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BPL Presents invites the public to help draft the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

The US Constitution determines the rights of everyone living in America and how the government is structured. Over two centuries it has been changed, or amended, 27 times to reflect the will of people.

Join us to discuss the rights that you want to see enshrined in the foundational document of America.

Do you want the right to education? Do you want a legal guarantee that you can vote? Should the Constitution protect the equal rights of women and people in the LGBTQ community? Right now, the Constitution does not give you these rights.

Through a series of Town Hall-style forums held at library branches, correctional facilities, and high schools, Brooklynites of all ages and backgrounds will come together to discuss and debate the issues that they believe the Amendment should address. While the result will not be a legal document, the amendment, written by our Framers, will reflect the aspirations and collective will of the people of Brooklyn.

Moderated by Brian Tate and Brynna Tucker

Brian Tate is a cultural curator and marketing strategist who develops major public programs that examine the issues of our time. He has built forward-looking projects at the nexus of arts and ideas for more than 20 years, and he is expert at centering artists in matters of democracy and human justice. He is founder of The Tate Group, a Brooklyn, NY–based consulting firm that specializes in public programming, marketing strategy, community engagement, and partnership development. Economic growth and narrative change around issues of equality are at the core of its practice.A curator across disciplines, Tate makes projects that imagine the future while examining the past. The work proposes a radically empathetic way of being in the world, and he often recruits nonprofit allies as guest participants to bolster that message. His curatorial focus is on women of color, and his programs gather audiences across traditional divides of race, ethnicity, gender, and age. He is the former executive director of the DC Committee to Promote Washington, a nonprofit group that marketed the Nation's Capital around the world and generated $93M per year in visitor revenues. He is also the former executive director of MAPP International, a nonprofit producer of performing arts projects that spark social change.

Brynna Tucker is the Senior Manager of Innovation at Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). She joined the Strategy team at BPL with over 15 years of experience working with innovative people seeking to create thoughtful disruptions and meaningful change from within organizations, industries, social constructs, communities, and beyond. She manages innovation initiatives at BPL including BKLYN Incubator, a program that generates responsive, community-centered, and staff-driven initiatives. She provides generative approaches to leadership development, collaborative practices, and change management for staff at BPL who provide immeasurable support to the communities we serve.


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