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Mar 1, 2017 to Apr 29, 2017

I got the idea for The Lost House after frequently misplacing my wallet, my glasses and my keys. Naturally you can't leave the house if you can't find your keys, and you can't even look for them if you can't find your glasses!

The house in the book is modeled after the one I grew up in in Ireland. It was a bed and breakfast for years, but after my mam passed away, dad took over. What my father lacked in housekeeping skills, however, he made up for with an industrious spirit. He would fix things, crudely, and in The Lost House, there are lots of references to broken things, not to mention Irish household objects from the mid-20th century, and European antiques.

b.b. cronin, BPL Exhibitionb.b. cronin is an award-winning illustrator originally from Dublin, Ireland and the author of The Lost House, his debut children's book, which received the Gold Award from the Society of Illustrators. Original artwork from The Lost House is on display as well as Cronin's editorial work from The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Rolling Stone, and Esquire. Additional artwork from various Penguin Classics book covers is also featured. His second book, The Lost Picnic, is due out in September 2017.

Email: brian@briancronin.com
Website: http://www.briancronin.com

Photo: © Juliet Borda



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