Power User

Who can be a Power User?

Right now the patrons invited to this program are those who have more than 3,500 checkouts* from BPL. In the future we hope to expand Power User status to those who check out the most eBooks or digital audio books, most use our computers, and attend the most public programs and events.

What do Power Users get?

A silver Power User library card, bragging rights, and some special gifts! We will also offer Power Users the chance to feature their book reviews and recommendations online. As we grow and develop this program, we will look for additional ways to reward and recognize Power Users based on their feedback.

What do Power Users do for Brooklyn Public Library?

Power Users love BPL and tell everyone they know about the benefits of using the library. Power Users care deeply about helping the library continue to provide the services they value.

BPL relies on Power Users to participate in focus groups to help us understand how you use the library, including: which programs and services are most vital, what obstacles you may have encountered and how you think patrons would like to engage with the library. 

Power Users are advocates of the library, helping to spread the word about the power of BPL to make a difference in patrons’ lives – with government officials, campaigns to profile Power Users and through word of mouth with potential patrons. 

Questions? Email poweruser@bklynlibrary.org

*BPL does not track what material patrons have borrowed and returned in the past, only the total number of materials checked out. Data is updated monthly.