Purchase a Photograph

Purchase a Photograph from our Collections
  1. How to order?
    Print out and complete the photograph copywork agreement form. Please be sure to sign the form.
  2. What will I get?
    Digital file: high resolution TIFF or JPEG, available by email.
  3. When & how will I get it?
    Following receipt of a completed order & payment, turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks. Files will be uploaded to a site from which the purchaser can download. Rush orders (turnaround time of 1 week) require an additional charge of $15 per image ordered.
Use Policies

To order an image for reproduction in books, magazines, websites, documentaries, promotional materials, or other publications, please consult the use fee schedule and contact the Brooklyn Collection at 718.230.2762 during our open hours.

Photographs for personal non-commercial use or educational use do not require a use fee.

Low-resolution images from the Brooklyn Public Library catalog may be reproduced for educational and non-commercial purposes only.


The Brooklyn Public Library does not own the copyright to all of the photographs in the Brooklyn Collection. The end user assumes all responsibility for any copyright infringement that may arise through the use of the requested copies and agrees to hold harmless the Brooklyn Public Library-Brooklyn Collection from any action involving infringement of the rights of an author or his or her heirs or descendants in common law or under statutory copyright. Please see the Brooklyn Public Library's Terms & Conditions web page for further information.

The Brooklyn Collection does not sign outside licensing agreements.