BCAPteen Creative Leadership Project

BCAPteen: Investigating the arts, nature, culture, and community through film.


BCAPteen Creative Leadership Project is a 6-week, full-day summer program for teens blending digital media & communications, personal & professional skills, and youth leadership through the lens of filmmaking.

Over the course of the summer 20 teens earn a stipend and volunteer hours while becoming knowledgeable on our six cultural institutions and theme, building skills, producing creative work that reflects their interests, and contributing back to the BCAP community. Our home base is BPL Central Library, with special access to the six institutions on our Cultural Campus.

This year's theme is : More than Meets the Eye: Uncover the incredible world around you!  Participants will reexamine perspectives and perceptions through exploration of historical narratives, hidden spaces, and little known facts on the BCAP campus and in the broader community.

Each BCAPteen will be involved in making three films: one interview; one small-group, mini-documentary focused on the BCAP campus and theme; and one group narrative film on a related topic of choice.


Apply February 1st - March 15th

  • Apply Online Here starting Feb 1
    • If you want a print-out to practice your answers: download here


  • All applicants will receive a follow-up by March 18, and select applicants will be invited for an interview.
  • Interviews: (Pencil one or more date in your calendar.)
    • Thursday, March 23, 4:15-5:30 or 5:45-6:30
    • Saturday, March 25, 9:45-10:30 or 10:45-11:30
  • Notification of Acceptance or Wait List: April 3rd

20 teens will be selected to participate in summer 2017.


Who Should Apply?

Teens ages 13-17 with an interest in...

  • Producing creative projects through filmmaking
  • Exploring 6 awesome cultural institutions in the heart of Brooklyn
  • Being a leader and role model for kids, peers, and the community
  • Working as part of a close-knit team of 20 peers
  • Setting goals for the future and achieving them
  • Being creative, having fun, and meeting teens from across the city
  • Committing to doing this for 6 weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am-3:30pm

Basic Info

Dates: July 6  - August 16, 2017


  • Orientation: Monday, June 19th, 5:30-8:00 PM
  • Graduation: Tuesday, August 15th, 5:30-7:00 PM
  • Full attendance is mandatory

Time: 9am-3:30pm

  • Forty-minute lunch break

Location: BCAP Cultural Campus

Additional Benefits

  • Earn  volunteer hours
  • Earn a stipend (ages 14+ only)
  • Receive a letter of recommendation from your instructors
  • Build your resume, skills, and experience
  • Be invited back as an Alumni Ambassador in the schoolyear
  • Make connections to people and places that can offer you opportunities in the future
  • Younger siblings get a discount for BCAP Summer Camp

More Info

More details here in the 2017 Info Packet

Staff & Educators

BCAPteen is coordinated and supervised by our BCAP Directors, with support from education staff at our five partner institutions.  Curriculum and daily activities are facilitated by two experienced, talented, and FUN educators who specialize in film and working with teens. They are assisted by BCAPteen Alumni Interns. Plus, participants will interact with experts at our 6 partner institutions, representing a variety of departments and career paths.

BCAP educators and interns participate in a week of specialized training, including health & safety, positive community-building, bullying prevention, disability inclusion and special needs, teambuilding strategies, curriculum development, and more. All staff undergo background and reference checks, and a selective application process.

Want to work for BCAPteen? Check out our jobs and internships page.

Valuing Diversity 

BCAP Adventures come from backgrounds as diverse as Brooklyn itself! We welcome teens from all cultures, economic backgrounds, abilities, and family structures. We believe that one of the best ways to learn about diversity is by building friendships with diverse groups of people. We build a sense of community centered on common interests, respect for differences, learning, and having fun!

Sample Films

Check out some films from 2014 - 2016! The films you see here were created 100% by BCAPteens, from idea to final edit, in about 10 days each. There are also some silent films and other learning projects.