Brooklyn in the Civil War
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A History of Brooklyn and the Civil War

Timeline Timeline

The timeline presents a chronology of significant events related to Brooklyn from 1646 to 1889, with a focus on the Civil War era, 1861 to 1865.

Use the top part of the timeline to select a year: click on either the year or the white dots between the years. Click on the buttons "Pre Civil War" and "Post Civil War" to move the timeline to the beginning or end. Once you click on a year, the timeline will move, and text and illustrations will appear in the space below the timeline, describing events of that period.

Some years are divided into the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. To pick a season, click on the dots between the years in timeline at the top or on the name of the season in the lower part of the screen. If more than one event is described, rectangular icons will appear next to the year in the text area; click on these to see events later in that season. In some cases, no events are described in a season, and the name will be almost invisible.

A scroll bar will pop up next to the text, if it is needed. You can click on the underlined words to see the glossary definitions. Related illustrations will appear to the right of the text for some events, and links to additional documents will be listed.

Click here or click on the picture of the timeline above to start.

Note: The movie requires the Flash Player 6.0. If the movie doesn't work, you can download the free Flash Player from

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