The 2018 Book Display Contest will kick off for public voting in June 2018.

The 2017 Top Ten Finalists!

Bay Ridge
Bay Ridge: The Evolution of Bay Ridge Library
Jointly created by the Bay Ridge Historical Society and Bay Ridge Library, this year’s Bike the Branches display showcases how the library evolved from a simple reading group to a fantastic and well-used hub of resources. The “Old Days” and “Present Days” posters show how the Bay Ridge branch has become a community center where everyone feels welcome and loved. On the “Homecoming” poster, we celebrate the joy of reading, connection and growth with the help of a poem written specifically for the occasion by Nardine Karam, a Bay Ridge part-timer. The books on display are all about Bay Ridge’s history, as well as family, homecoming and community—and some of the books were even written by local authors. We love Bay Ridge!
Bedford: The Many Faces of Bed-Stuy

Our display celebrates the best thing about Bed-Stuy: the people! The 360-degree rotating display contains 65 mirrors, inviting patrons of all ages to take a moment and reflect on what they see: the many faces of Bed-Stuy. Every age, color and creed, these are the unsung heroes and future leaders of our great community and we are so proud to serve them at Bedford Library! Patrons can peruse our curated collection on local history and celebrities, in addition to the list of interesting neighborhood facts.
Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach: “Brighton” My Day

Showcasing the joint efforts of our entire team at Brighton Beach Library, and inspired by our take on the “Homecoming Day” Bike the Branches theme, our display encompasses a historical, personal and communal perspective of Brighton Beach Library and its significance in the community. In the pictures you will see an interactive board with postings from our patrons about why they like Brighton Beach Library, a scrapbook highlighting memorable moments and a slideshow of the Brighton Beach community. All of the elements serve as a platform to display books that connect with the theme of the display.
Bushwick: Come Home to Bushwick Library

For many Brooklynites, their local library can be like a second home. We invite visitors to meet the staff of Bushwick Library and get to know them better by checking out books on some of their interests. Feel more at home at your library!
Clarendon: The Wild Things Homecoming!

Max and the wild things ride their homecoming bike up a hill of books to Clarendon Library! This interactive display with moving wheels and flashing neon lights can be turned on and off by kids using a LittleBits switch. The display was created by Clarendon staff with help from volunteers and inspiration from kids in the library. Come visit us and see it for yourself!
Cortelyou: Coming Home to Cortelyou

We chose a twist on the theme to reflect that Cortelyou Library is just like home to our many diverse patrons in this historic neighborhood. The display is a living room scene with comfortable furniture, framed photos of staff and of course lots of books! We featured books about bikes as well as about Brooklyn and its history. One of the highlights is a detailed drawing of Cortelyou branch activity that was done by a local patron. We also decorated with a chandelier made out of recycled plastic cups.
Crown Heights
Crown Heights: The Story Of Us (Then and Now)

This book display highlights Crown Heights Library and the history of the community. We designed a 22-page book that tells the story of the neighborhood and our patrons. Patrons participated by writing down fond memories of their time at the branch. Surrounding the center of the display are historical books about Crown Heights, its architecture and community evolution. Above the book we created a giant, decorative book that welcomes bikers and invites patrons to take a closer look.
Dyker: A Trip to Dyker Heights

Our 360˚ book display showcases some neighborhood favorites starting with Dyker Library, La Bella Marketplace, the Dyker Heights Post Office, Tasty Pastry Bakery, Boulevard Bookstore, Firehouse and the extravagant Dyker Holiday Lights! On the top are beautiful views of the Dyker Beach Park and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in the distance. Our entire staff worked together to bring this idea to life with the help of patrons who decorated bicycles and Kids Create participants who constructed buildings out of LEGOs, crafted paper houses and painted clouds.
East Flatbush
East Flatbush: Let’s Celebrate Brooklyn!

The entire East Flatbush staff pitched in to create our display, which is meant to evoke both a homecoming banner and a community quilt. We included pictures of Brooklyn landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Junior's, Central Library, the Wonder Wheel and, of course, the World Famous East Flatbush Library in the lower right corner.
Jamaica Bay
Jamaica Bay: Dive in to Jamaica Bay

Our display celebrates being a neighborhood so close to the bay, with the pier as a prominent component. The entire staff contributed to the concept, design and execution of the display. Patron input during the design and construction phase proved essential to arriving at the display’s final version. Visit Jamaica Bay Library to check out our take on the Canarsie Pier, complete with waves, jellyfish and plenty of books.
Macon: Coming Home to Beautiful Bed-Stuy

Macon Library, deeply rooted in the historic Bed-Stuy neighborhood, is turning 110 years old this year! Bike home through the tree-lined streets and take in the beautiful brownstones. On the streets you’ll see a diverse cast of people, and in the library you’ll find our collection of books highlighting historic Bed-Stuy personalities, like the talented and gorgeous Lena Horne. You’ll also find books on biking and books that take place here in Bed-Stuy! Our display is handmade, hand drawn, hand painted, and installed by the staff of Macon and community helpers.
Red Hook
Red Hook: Welcome to Red Hook

We asked children in the community to design what the library means to them. From their excitement over reading to a monster shooting lasers at overdue books, they didn't disappoint! Our display features the businesses and institutions that make up our neighborhood, as well as books that are based in Red Hook. Finally, we added some driftwood for a special, local touch.
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