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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Free Copies of the U.S. Constitution For All Visitors

Brooklyn, NY— Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) will open two branches to celebrate President’s Day on Monday February 17 from 1 to 5 p.m.

“A public library’s special contribution to civic life is providing a barrier free, inclusive space for debate, research and education,” said Chief Librarian Nick Higgins. The two branches are the only public libraries in New York City to open on the holiday.

Each visitor to the Library will also receive a free copy of the U.S. Constitution, in English or Spanish and can learn about other civic programs planned for the election year.

“In 2020, a year in in which our nation will mobilize for the decennial census and when the highest office in the land will be decided by who shows up to the polls—it is critically important that we appreciate the unique power invested in us as individuals by the foundational documents that enshrine our rights and individuals,” Higgins added.

In addition, for the first time, the Library will open some branches for the Independence Day holiday, Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Veterans’ Day in 2020.

The President’s Day celebration continues the library’s ongoing commitment to civic engagement including citizenship classes, voter registration, an environmental justice program series, open news room in partnership with The City, and the 28th amendment project. In addition, the Library will be a hub for Census 2020, providing technology, promotion and staffing to support Brooklyn’s goal to get everyone counted.


About Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is an independent library system for the 2.5 million residents of Brooklyn. It is the fifth largest library system in the United States with 60 neighborhood libraries located throughout the borough. BPL offers free programs and services for all ages and stages of life, including a large selection of books in more than 30 languages, author talks, literacy programs and public computers. BPL’s eResources, such as eBooks and eVideos, catalog information and free homework help, are available to customers of all ages 24 hours a day at our website:


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