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Lola on fire
Available Formats:
 eBook - 2021
2 copies available, 2 total
 eAudiobook - 2021
1 copy available, 1 total
 Book - 2021
12 available copies, 12 total


"Brody Ellis is down on his luck. His mom walked out when he was a kid, his father recently committed suicide, he's behind on his rent, and now he needs medication for his sister, Molly, who has cerebral palsy. In a desperate bid for some fast cash, Brody robs a convenience store, but he bumps into a young woman as he makes his escape, and realizes too late that he dropped his wallet at the scene of the crime. Just when he expects the police to break down his door, the phone rings. It's the woman he bumped into at the convenience store. Her name is Blair Mayo, and she has his wallet. Blair says she won't hand Brody's wallet over to the police, but he'll need to do her a favor first. She wants him to steal her late mother's diamonds, which are now in the possession of her wicked stepmom. Brody reluctantly agrees, but when he gets to the house, he finds himself in the middle of a gruesome crime scene. He also notices the security camera in the hallway, and knows he's been framed. Soon after, Blair calls Brody and tells him that her father has not submitted the security camera's footage to the police, planning instead to exact his own form of justice on the killer, which he is very capable of doing. He is, after all, the notorious mobster, Jimmy Latzo. As Brody and his sister Molly take off in search of safe harbor, they begin to suspect that they're pawns in an even greater game-one that involves a notorious enforcer named Lola Bear who brutally crossed paths with Jimmy Latzo twenty-six years before. . . and also happens to be Brody's mother"--

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