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Two women walkingOverview

To educate Older Adult populations with practical approaches to lifestyle modification and intervention.  The plan is to change behaviors and lifestyle choices which are key elements in the development and progression of chronic illness and disease.

As the US population ages, the number of Older Adults who are “aging in place” increases, and communities will face new opportunities and challenges in responding to this population’s desire and need for healthier habits. According to BKLYN Stats, Crown Heights and Macon Libraries have a significant older adult population. Based upon the Community Health Profiles, this demography has a high rate of preventable chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart and cancer. Older Adults in both communities will be given tools to assist in their usefulness for measuring one’s health and well-being, prioritizes aging issues, and relative information and strategies to implement on a daily basis. The library is poised to address health based workshops because as a trusted institution, we supply up to date information, resources and guide patrons to the ones they need.

Desired Outcome

The way that we will determine success of SEE is to assess whether Older Adults have change their behaviors and have improved health by self-reporting. There will be a pre and post test during each session. In addition, older Adults would be contacted six weeks and three months following the completion of the program.

This proposal was prepared for the Macon and Crown Heights Libraries.

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