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Not all students or musicians own their own musical instruments,  and may not be ready or able to purchase them. This service will attract new users who will help BPL provide enhanced access to musical instruments and strengthen musical education with our partner BCM.  BPL's Musical Instrument  Lending Library will be the first in New York CIty to loan musical instruments to beginners, students, and other musicians. We envision two types of patrons wanting to use this program -- 1) those who may be interested in learning an instrument but who are not able to make a costly investment without first "test-driving" the instrument,  and 2) those who have a musical background and want to further explore and learn a new instrument.

The BPL program would be available to patrons 18 years and older. In the future, we will expand the program to children six years and up. Instruments can be borrowed for a period of 8 weeks. This program will meet the needs of those who need a no-cost venue to explore musical education. Those who are looking for a way to further their lifelong learning and exploration of music will find this program beneficial.

The library currently has a collection of wonderful musical instruction and method books that would  assist  patrons  learning a new instrument.  Our librarians will connect these  registered patrons to other resources. This will help them along their musical journey. 

Examples of the types of instruments are included in the detailed budget section of the proposal.

General Info

Describe your program idea in one sentence

Patrons with a BPL Library Card will be able to check out musical instruments for 8 weeks.

Describe how you will highlight library resources, collection material, and/or programs

When patrons check out instruments, staff will guide them to resources in the library collection that will help them learn their instruments and prepare them for performances or recording sessions. In addition, marketing the collection via social media, books displays, and print media, we will work with our partner to promote the library's resources to their students. Music programs at the library, BCM and the community will be cross-promoted to those using the service.

Describe the community need you will address

As a diverse. creative and musical borough. Brooklyn is home to aspiring musicians of all ages.. We know from our partner, BCM, that many people, both amateur and advanced musicians, cannot always afford to purchase the musical instruments they need to either begin  or advance their musical education. This program aims to address that need by offering free access to instruments  for ages 18 and up and all levels.

Target Audience

Older Adults
Team Leads


Harold Stern


Central Library

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Community Partner

Organization Name

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (BCM)

Describe why you chose this/these partner(s) and the context of your collaboration

Dorothy Savitch, Division Director for BCM's Music Partners, is a longtime library patron and a member of the Orchestra Collection. Music Partners provides music instruction to schools and youth centers that  otherwise would have no exposure to music. The goal of the BPL Program would be to provide free instrument lending  to students and others who don't have access. Partnering with BCM will allow BPL to learn best practices and to reach students who may need this resource.

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