An all-inclusive dual-branch mindfulness meditation workshop that fosters self-guided practice.

Meditation classOverview

Mindfulness is an age old Eastern practice that has gained momentum in recent years. This concept has been embraced and adapted in contemporary Western culture and sought after in the Brooklyn community due to its effectiveness in improving well-being. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of being mindful, acknowledging your present thoughts, feelings and emotions, and building the ability to maneuver through them in healthy ways with meditation. Instead of eliminating stress or difficulty, mindfulness brings attention to the current state of being and meditation exercises one’s control over the responses to those feelings. Our community-building mindfulness meditation workshops will feature multiple introductory sessions of guided instruction for groups of adults, kids and teens at the Paerdegat and Mill Basin branches. Separate sessions for each age group will be scheduled. Participants will learn the concept of mindfulness meditation and practice with a qualified instructor. The program will encourage registration and foster self-guided meditation by providing meditation kits to workshop participants: BPL branded meditation cushions, stress balls, coloring gratitude journals, mindfulness info booklet, relaxation mask, water, headphones, and access to BPL hosted audio sessions. We will produce at least 7 guided meditation audio sessions to be made available on our website/iTunes and are currently engaged with collaborators that are willing to compose session scripts and record them for BPL. Each audio session will focus on a theme such as gratitude, calming anxiety, managing stress, empowerment, healing, self-esteem and loving-kindness. If the audio is presented in podcast format, there may also be future opportunities for trained staff from other branches and other partners to submit additional sessions. This would allow BPL to continuously showcase current perspectives throughout Brooklyn while supporting staff development and community partnerships. While staff training is not included in the budget for this proposal, collaborative or training opportunities may open that would easily make this possible. In addition to audio, curated book lists will be made available to patrons online and at the branches. These comprehensive lists will cover all age groups and focus on mindfulness and meditation while touching on interrelated subjects such as self-improvement, increasing focus and overcoming anxiety and depression. We will also link articles and learning resources accessible through our website that provide information to patrons who wish to dive further into mindfulness meditation research.

Desired Outcomes

Participants will broaden their perception of mindfulness meditation and benefit by connecting the practice to their life goals. People will gain awareness about this healing practice and feel motivated by kits and BPL audio to continue practicing at home. Patrons may also document their experience with the gratitude journals provided through our program. Studies have shown that consistent practice of gratitude-based journaling can permanently increase one's sense of well being. We will conduct surveys after workshops to measure awareness, practicality, and perceived benefits of mindfulness practice, as well as results of their journaling practice. We will promote media relative to mindfulness and observe the increased circulation of these materials . There are also ways to determine the frequency of audio streaming, the results of which will also be used to measure success.

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