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boardwalk A series of skill-building video game programs for teens at the library.

Video games are an integral part of Teen Tech Time at BPL. Library of Gamers seeks to harness Teen Tech Time’s success and build upon it. Leading up to a tournament, this program would invite professional gamers, and some of the best players at our branch, to share their skills with interested teens at the Stone Avenue branch to allow for a stronger competition. Similar to physical sports, gaming skills can be improved by practicing, studying strategy guides, watching videos, coaching, and sharing ideas. Library of Gamers participants will collaborate to create their own strategy guide for popular games like Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros., and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Regularly hosting gaming tournaments would encourage attendance at Teen Tech Time, and the final portion of this program will culminate in a video game tournament to be streamed online via is a major video game streaming site where people live stream their video games. The public can tune in to watch others play their games. is remarkably popular: for example, over 230,000 viewers tuned in to watch a game of Fortnite at 2 pm on October 3rd, 2018.

With Library of Gamers we aim to provide teens with a sense of accomplishment, encourage teamwork amongst teens who are passionate about gaming, and further their ability to play games both competitively and cooperatively.

This proposal was created for Stone Avenue Library.

This proposal aligns with the following Core Principles of Brooklyn Public Library:

To provide inclusive and inspirational places.

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