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boardwalk Exploring the history of Jewish Refugees who escaped to Shanghai during World War II.

Why did 20,000 European Jews escape to Shanghai around 1939 and how  did it happen? How could these Jews survive in Shanghai with few local contacts, no language communication and no material wealth at all? This educational program in series will explore and answer these questions in the voice of the ordinary Jews to tell their extraordinary experiences and demonstrates to the audience that when one community has a hard time,  other communities can and will reach out to help. The program will invite the survivors, research experts, movie directors and book authors to talk from their primary experiences and research. Exhibits of artifacts and photos will be displayed in the central, Borough Park branch, and Kensington Branch and the documentary films will be shown in these locations as well. This program will be implemented in collaboration with the Amud Aish Memorial Museum in Brooklyn as well as with Borough Park Branch and Kensington Branch.

This proposal was created for Borough Park Library, Kensington Library, and Central Library.
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