Amplify your power through art, music/movement, and poetry; and experience what the library can do to boost your creativity for anyone 7-87+ years-old!

Adult woman leading a children's music classOverview

By expanding Paerdegat Library (Library) programs to reach Expressions Educational and Cultural Center (EECC) and Glenwood Senior Center (GSC), we aim to integrate people of various ages, cultural backgrounds, education abilities, and learning styles through multifaceted art, music, movement, and poetry activities led by experienced local professionals. Participants will learn and share their skills from one another Tuesdays through Saturdays. EECC will provide free supper for children attending enrichment sessions there, gaining the parents respite. The Library has recruited highly-expereienced educators based in the community. While following various career paths, many teachers have successfully conducted Library programs and worked together in the past. Most instructors are immigrants and multi-lingual, reflecting the ethnic makeup of our neighborhood.

Program activities are organized around significant observances to
• celebrate Black History Month and Valentine’s Day;
• conclude during National Poetry Month in April 2020 with two culminating events showcasing our accomplishments through
• presentation at the Library and GSC,
• art exhibition at the Library,
• music performances,
• poetry publication.

Participants will receive music lessons at the Library and the EECC every Tuesday and Thursday respectively from 2/11/20 through 4/22/20. Younger students will engage in music-making activities to enhance self awareness as individuals and group participants. Grade 3 and 4 students will learn how to play the recorder, an instrument from the woodwind family. They will gain music literacy by learning the rudiments of syntax and semantics of music notation, and experience the rhythmic values of sounds of varied duration through movement. A licensed NYS music teacher will choose musical pieces related to the poems to teach the children. The students will perform music from the repertoire studied on 4/24/20 and 4/25/20 at GSC and the Library respectively. A NYS licensed art teacher and her assistants will teach visual arts at the Library and the EECC on alternating Wednesdays and Fridays respectively from 2/12/20 through 4/22/20. The instructors will inspire students to express themselves using various age-appropriate techniques and media. The students will enhance their hand-eye coordination, develop their color sense, and gain skills in composition and balance in a supportive environment. The art works will be on exhibition during a final culminating event. On Fridays, 2/14/20, 3/13/20, and 4/10/20, the seniors will give children ideas to refine, recite and memorize poems. They will assist the students to develop presentation styles and techniques to memorize poems. This relationship will be transformative for both age groups. This will lessen the social isoloation of the adults and improve the social, emotional, and language skills of the children. Poetry thus will connect generations and expand their known worlds. Every other Saturday at the Library, from 2/8/20 through 4/18/20, participants will learn different poetic forms and break down words from sample poems to create their own. They will use poetry to discuss the commonalities and differences of cultures worldwide. The Library’s children and young adult librarians will be the back up staff, in case the project lead is absent during the project period (2/8/20 -4/25/20).

Desired Outcomes

Our success will be measured:
a) by the participants’ ability to perform the tasks independently
b) by presentation of projects, and
c) by responses to a survey/questionnaire gathered from the participants and the public.

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