Participants ages 6-13 will learn how to make a cross-stitched bookmark with plastic needles and yarn, on a plastic canvas. All materials will be provided and registration is required. Please register at Eventbrite here.

Wafa Ghnaim founded Tatreez & Tea in 2017, after self-publishing her digital book "Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora" in 2016. Since, Wafa has traveled the global providing technical instruction on Palestinian embroidery, and sharing stories and meanings of traditional motifs she has learned growing up in the Palestinian diaspora.

Tatreez & Tea's mission is to provide educational resources, namely through workshops, lectures and publications, to preserve Palestinian arts, crafts and folkloric traditions in the diaspora community.

Traditionally, the history of each design is shared between grandmother, mother and daughter through storytelling. The story is documented through the design itself -- a coded language used by women over centuries -- and decoded through dialogue between women. In the same tradition, Wafa will be instructing students on how to create a cross-stitched bookmark, while sharing the meanings of the motifs used. Storytelling fosters understanding between communities, generations and tribes. Doing crafts together and with our children fosters a deeper understanding of other cultures, one's own cultural identity and the beautiful fabric arts traditions of old Palestine.


Tatreez & Tea were generously funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council for this event.

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