The Words & Memories program stimulates memory in the older adult in a cheerful and edifying way, to relieve, at least for a time, boredom, depression and excessive self-concern. The idea is to include all in a program relevant to seasons, current events, holidays or any other way the discussion goes pursuant to jogging the memory of the participants.

In a group setting, the value of their life experience is enhanced in the process of remembering, as members are rejoined with thier earlier lives. Good humor and fun is an integral ingredient of our program.

Best of all this program is brought to your facility on a monthly basis.

Absolutely free of charge.

Services for Older Adults is partially funded by Coordinated Outreach Library Services aid from the New York State Education Department, administered by the State Library's Division of Library Development.

This program is sponsored by Brooklyn Public Library's Department of Outreach Services, which has been established with the generous support of The Charles H. Revson Foundation.

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