The Winged Story
Starring: Olo, the young stork, Brother, Father, Mother, the Old One, the Sparrow, Wojtek, the Raven, the Owl, the Swallow, a Fairy, the Voice

This is a contemporary fable about the power of a good word, which lifts people up and cures them of their complexes. The story talks about the need to help the underprivileged, teaches how to care for wild birds during the winter and shows that self-confidence and friendship can work wonders.

The young stork, Olo, admires his brother, who easily reaches even highest peaks of high poplars. Olo doesn’t know how to do that, he doesn’t strive and does not even try to learn. His Father’s nudging reassures him that it is "good for nothing". So instead of exercising his wings, Olo wanders around the meadow where he meets the Old One, who warns him that he will not survive the winter.
Olo is too weak to fly with his parents on a long and arduous journey to Africa, so he stays in his meadow. Loneliness, cold and hunger quickly reach Olo, and he sets off in search of shelter. Warm gas station seems to be the ideal place, but Olo is quickly chased out by the selfish Wojtek. Olo is close to death when he is rescued by a fairy who takes care of the sick birds from the area, making sure that they recover and are able to fly come spring. With her help, Olo regains his full strength towards the end of the winter. The Fairy supports him and encourages him to practice flying. Olo transforms into a beautiful, strong, young stork and standing on the top of the highest poplar, greets his family who are returning from across the sea.

This play conveys a message about the power of good words that can heal complexes and can be uplifting. It teaches that people should believe in themselves and help others believe in their abilities. The Fairy summarizes the play: "A good word is like magic, it has a great power." Let us remember this message, because even small children know that fairies are always right.

 Script based on Izabela Degórska’s play "The Winged story”








The play is conducted in Polish.