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This workshop will be an overview of the first three stages of actions to survive this crisis. It will help you define where you are and what you can do to emerge and thrive. 

Stage One is about survival and financial health. Are you on top of your money and cash flow? 

Stage Two is emerging by starting to innovate and tweak your offerings. What has changed for you and your customers? What do you continue to do that you did before? What new things have you started to do? What have you stopped doing? Why are you and your business in existence? What are you doing to survive and emerge in the next 90 days?

As we prepare for Stage Three, thriving from this crisis, we must go back to the beginning and rebuild on what we have learned. 

This workshop will include specific tips for each stage and share the business model canvas and other resources for developing a thriving plan. Thriving starts with a clear and focused understanding of your Why? Why do you and your business exists? What are the pains and problems of your customers now? How do you rebuild from there?

Online link will be sent to participants 24-hours before event.

This program is presented by BPL's Business & Career Center partner BOC Brooklyn Women's Business Center.


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