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Eagle Blue (all ages), 4 min.

By Will Rose

A bold palette and a swaying beat bolster Eagle Blue high above the mountaintop, but she must swoop in and provide a proper meal for her hungry chicks


Talking Points:

  • In his film, the music is just as impressive as the beautiful artwork. You can enjoy Eagle Blue from your couch or desk chair, but it's even more fun to get up and dance while you watch!
  • The film begins in the morning and ends at night. What else has changed by the end of the film?
  • Often when we watch a film, we are focused on the story. Slow down and pause the film a few times while watching and look closely. What details do you notice? 

Get Creative: The filmmaker uses just two colors and a very simple shape to bring the eagle to life. Pick a bird and draw it using just one or two colors and basic shapes.

Major support provided by New York Life Foundation, the 2020 city-wide sponsor for the Summer Reading Program. Lead support for Brooklyn Public Library's Summer Reading 2020 program is provided by the National Grid Foundation. The program is supported by Con Edison and Macy's.

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