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UKA (All Ages), 3 min.
By Valle Comba, NYICFF 2017


Life for Uka is grey and dull until she finds a way of changing how she sees the world.

Talking points:

  • How does Uka feel in the begining of the film? How does she feel in the end? What changed?
  • How does the filmmaker use color to help tell this story?

Get Creative: Uka uses broken bottles, which would have been considered trash, to make her art. What can you find in your home that could be reused to make a work of art? (We do not recommend using broken glass!)

Plus, check out the end credits of the film to see the character design sketches for UKA!

Major support provided by New York Life Foundation, the 2020 city-wide sponsor for the Summer Reading Program. Lead support for Brooklyn Public Library's Summer Reading 2020 program is provided by the National Grid Foundation. The program is supported by Con Edison and Macy's.

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