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This program has been cancelled.  Please check back later for the new date/time.


Lions, tigers, and bears?... not quite. Fairies, dragons, and underground rock kings?... that’s more like it! Gabriel Gale, the creator and writer of Ages of Oz, will tell you about his new magical world of Oz comprised of enchanted continents and characters like five Wicked Witches, a mythical sphinx-like beast, humanoids that have wheels for hands and feet, robots, dragons, and more.

He’ll also talk about the 1st and 2nd books in the Ages of Oz series, A Fiery Friendship and A Dark Descent, where a 13-year-old Glinda and her friends mount epic attacks on the Witches to vanquish wickedness for the good of Oz and save their families. The presentation will conclude with a “Talk & Sketch” portion where Gabe will sketch and create a new mythical beast based on the audience’s selection of five different animal parts, and create a new spell to bring the beast to life based on the audience’s choice of select words.


Major support provided by New York Life Foundation, the 2020 city-wide sponsor for the Summer Reading Program. Lead support for Brooklyn Public Library's Summer Reading 2020 program is provided by the National Grid Foundation. The program is supported by Con Edison and Macy's.

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