Hungarian-born director Paul Fejos lived for a time in New York City and wanted to convey its modern, fragmented, and fast-paced life in this film.  The main characters, Mary (Barbara Kent) and Jim (Glenn Tryon), are single and try to escape the solitude in their lives by going to Coney Island during the 4th of July weekend.  They meet, and connect, but a roller-coaster ride turns their love-story into a bitter-sweet game-of-chance.  Silent, with 3 sync-sound dialogue scenes.
(1928)  69 Minutes  USA

Preceded by a short film:

A Trip to the Moon/Le Voyage dans la lune (1902)
This classic, early fantasy/science-fiction film enchantingly pictures the first flight to the moon and the astronauts' capture by the moon's inhabitants, the Selenites, who try to prevent their return to Earth.  Its director and star, the cine-magician Georges Méliès, was recently portrayed in the film HUGO (2011).  Today's restored version reconstructs the hand-painted colors that were created for some of the original prints in 1902.  We thank David Shepard [1940-2017], Lobster Films, and Flicker Alley for the opportunity to screen this short film today.
(1902)  15 Minutes  France

With live piano accompaniment by Bernie Anderson. Hosted & Curated by Ken Gordon.  Children under the age of six will not be admitted to these programs.

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Silent Movie Matinees are supported by Los Blancos and a generous anonymous donor.

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