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You are invited to Sheepshead Bay Library's showcase performed by our talented library patrons. The program theme is entitled, "My Hero!"

This Russian language program explores diversity through music, dance, art, and theater. Our goal is to engage, educate, encourage, and inspire a variety of talents. 

Please comment and support our participants who will share with you their original work.

Svetlana N. - Host, MC. 
Marianna Sevastyanova, Poet, Moscow, Russia 

Roza Spector  Poet  Brooklyn, NY

Zinayda Bliznyuk. Poet. Brooklyn NY. USA
Telman Safarov. Poet. Brooklyn NY  USA

Semen Pecherskiy  Essayist   Rookkyn NY USA & Polina Pecherskiy, Musician  Brooklyn, NY USA  

Lyudmila Langbort. Staten Island  NY USA

Uriy Bunchik  Brooklyn, NY USABLE 

Vitaliy Bukhman. Singer. Brooklyn, NY, USA

Alex Geyfman, Poet, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Gregory Kats. Musician. Brooklyn NY, USA

Gennady Grevnin, musician, Нью Йорк, USA.

Polina Pecherskaya, Poet, Musician.   Brooklyn NY USA

Evelyn Cabanban. Poet,  published author, artist.  Quezon City, Philippines 

Uriy Shehtman  Poet  Brooklyn, NY USA

Dina Liberman. Brooklyn, Philippines  NY USA


If you would like to perrform in our Virtual Talents Without Borders program, please email [email protected]  

Click this link if you want to see the Talent Without Borders playlist.

Visit our Facebook page to see pictures of more cultural and creative programs:

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