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Are you sitting on a literary masterpiece? Take your career into your own hands and release that book yourself. This workshop will teach you how to format your book, have it printed through a high quality printing service, package your book for the market, and sell your book on existing platforms including your very own online store.

Jaime Lee Lewis is an Educator and Inspirational Speaker based in New York City. When he's not on stage, he is in the classroom. A master of words, Jaime is the 2016 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion and author of the self-published book BEING: A 50 Quote Guide For Success In The Business Of Life.

Please join Jaime Lewis this fall to learn the ins and outs of creative writing and self-publishing in a 4-part series of classes. While it is not mandatory to attend all of the sessions, there will be on-going themes and threads throughout the classes, so it will be most valuable to attend all 4.


Creative Writing Workshop: Winning New Audiences with the Use of Persuasive Writing - Thu, Apr 5

Storytelling Workshop: How To Sell An Idea or Product With The Use Of Storytelling - Wed, Apr 18

Poetry Writing Workshop: Accessing The Emotions Of The Reader With The Use Of Poetic Language - Mon, May 21

Self Publishing Workshop: The Key To Printing, Marketing, and Selling Your Own Book - Mon, Jun 4

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