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Yale PhD students talk about Science in the News

The beauty and complexity of the natural world inspires artistic expression of all kinds - poetry, paintings, songs, and more. Natural environments can also be a deep source of inspiration for many different kinds of scientists. From the atmosphere that envelops our planet, to the aquatic habitats that cover it, to the creatures that share it with us, understanding our environment is helping us to develop cutting edge technologies that improve our lives and make the whole planet a better place to be. As humans we face significant challenges that are unique to our modern era, but we can overcome these challenges by grounding our innovations in the natural world. Join us for this month’s Science in the News talks to hear scientists from three different fields share their outlooks on upcoming technologies that draw inspiration from nature and preserve our natural environments.

Yale Science Communication is a graduate student organization that presents cutting-edge science to the general public. 

Please register to receive an email with the Zoom link 1 hour before the program begins.

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