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If you enjoy retro video games, or have an interest in viewing a live stream of some classic games, then our Retro Gaming Stream is perfect for you. During this stream the Librarian/Gamer Yosenex,  will give some historical insight about each game played, provide trivia about gaming as a whole, and where applicable will teach some basic Japanese. You can participate by using the chat feature on Twitch to engage in discussions about video games. Many of the featured games will either be platformers, adventure games, or Role Playing Games (RPGs). Suggestions are welcome for future streams.

The game featured this session will be Final Fantasy IX. This game was originally released on original the Playstation in 2000. This game is a return to the series' fantasy roots. This is the second part of FFIX, the first part was played on September 29th.

Tune in via Twitch a 3:30pm ET to participate. A Twitch account is required to engage in the chat, but not necessary for viewing.

This program is intended for teens and up. 


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