What are the traditions, products, and culinary customs of authentic Polish cuisine? What part of this heritage is preserved in the collective consciousness in the United States? Monika Kucia invites you to explore an immersive labyrinth of stories around the Polish Table.

Monika Kucia - curator and performer from Warsaw, Poland, expert and promoter of regional and traditional Polish cuisine, will speak about the artistic culinary events she creates and performs. They include a labyrinth of tastes, smells and sensations and invite people to go through an experience that involves eating, singing, smelling and touching. In this modern ritual and surprising walk through the exhibition, where nature and senses are the guide, the presentation is supposed to inspire viewers to create their own story, immerse into the world of nature and follow freely the scents, flavours and emotions. The final feasts bring people together in good spirit, hope and peace. The events always combine tradition, food, art, personal story and some magic. It is a process that touches your senses, your emotions and your memories. The lecture will include some live presentation.


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