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Poetry of Presence will teach writers how to channel Walt Whitman and make poems out of every day moments. Whether it’s making eye contact with someone on the subway, forgetting an umbrella on the stormiest of days, or noticing a storefront window they’d never noticed before, students will see that some of the greatest poems come when we are paying attention to our lives. In addition to Whitman, we’ll also look at examples by Frank O'Hara, Marie Howe, Ross Gay, Lucille Clifton, Matthew Dickman, Kim Addonizo, Dorianne Laux and Phillip Levine.

The class will be led by writer and human rights professional Emily Sernaker. Emily's work has appeared in Ms. Magazine Online, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney's, The Sun and more. She is a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar and a 2019 Lincoln City Fellowship recipient.

The class will meet for 7 consecutive weeks. Registrants are encouraged to attend all 7 sessions.

Texts for the class will be distributed free to registered students

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