Photographic Vision: BlackAndWhiteAndColor(ed)
Four workshops with photographer Accra Shepp.

In this four-week photography workshop, students will work together to find new ways to engage photographically with the community in and around Crown and Prospect Heights. The goal will be to make images that step outside the everyday, to create photographs that are unconcerned with what one expects to see and instead uncover what was there all along, unobserved.  Taught by photographer Accra Shepp; presented by BPL Presents and the International Center for Photography.

Camera-equipped cell phone required.
Students should set up Instagram accounts prior to first session.

This course is geared toward teens and young adults.
Seating is extremely limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Sign up for the photography workshop via email at

Session 3 focuses on:
"Working on the Inside"

In groups of two or three, you will work as a community group or as individuals from the community who have volunteered their time so you can follow them around and photograph. Photographing this way will allow you to make images as an insider.

Return to the library to review work. Upload images to Instagram. Discuss what happens after workshop is over.

Image from Occupying Wall Street: A Portfolio of 20 Images, 2011-2012, ©Accra Shepp