Oy Hanukkah!    יִדיש לידער פֿאַר קינדער און די גאנצע משפּחה
Jewish Songs for Children and the Whole Family

Join us for a program of Hanukkah songs in Yiddish and Hebrew for young children and the whole family. Two well-known Brooklyn-based Yiddish performers, Eléonore Biezunski (vocals and violin) and Madeline Solomon (vocals, accordion, flute and puppets) present a concert of Hanukkah songs and spirited klezmer music that young audiences and families of all backgrounds will enjoy. While you don't need to speak Yiddish to enjoy this concert, you might just leave singing a Yiddish song!

The World Language Family series is provided through the generous support of Apple Bank, celebrrating over 20 years in Brooklyn and over 150 years of neighborhood banking in greater New York.  Additional support for multi-lingual First Five Years programs provided by the Altman Foundation. 

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