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The NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (NYCREIC) is a group of over 400 New Yorkers pooling money and power to invest in real estate that preserves, restores and enhances local spaces for cultural, commercial and charitable uses in NYC. Consistent with the principles and spirit of the cooperative movement, we seek long-term, stabilizing and transformative investments for the mutual benefit of our member-investors and our communities.

At this meeting...

  • Learn about the NYCREIC: Enjoy a short play about how we work, become a member and join the Nominations Committee, Possibilities Workgroup and more.
  • Discover pathways to transform vacant lots and buildings into stable community places from 596 Acres: Interactive learning about community land access success stories from NYC’s community land access advocacy organization.
  • Learn from potential project partners: Find out about projects that people are already organizing across NYC that we might vote to invest in! Connect to support the next steps in their planning.
  • Get your project idea into our Possibilities project bank!

Free and open to the public! Please RSVP at or call (718) 316-6092 Ext 5. For more information, contact [email protected] or (718) 316-6092 Ext 5.

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