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Efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus continue apace across multiple regions and countries, and the markets continue to deliver volatility. There is an urge to either time the market or “sit this one out,” but our research shows that the steady hand, with the long-term focus wins in the end.

Since the financial crisis, the world has created over a decade’s worth of new investors and advisors who have never experienced a period of market disruption like this. In response to the outbreak, Morningstar’s research team has put together an all-star panel of experts to discuss investor education and guidance for making sound decisions amidst current market volatility.

Join Karen Wallace, Director of Investor Education at Morningstar and Joe Saari, Head of Product at Financial Fitness group for Part 2 in our webinar series. You'll learn:

  • Identifying investing opportunities amidst market volatility
  • The benefits of long-term investing and staying the course during market turmoil
  • Free online investment education tools tailored specifically for navigating the current environment

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