Hao Bang Ah, Pig Zodiac Series Hand Puppet Show.

“Hao Bang Ah” is a common Chinese expression meaning “Great!” or “Well done!” This year, we celebrate the Year of the Pig with a jolly selection of traditional Chinese “budaixi” glove-puppet vignettes that based on popular songs and well-known Chinese sayings celebrating canine wisdom, courage and loyalty.  CTW is here to introduce all about the piggies and take you through the transition from dog to pig. 

Audiences will be introduced to traditional Chinese New Year customs and foods (red envelopes, fish and “nian gao”). They will also meet some of other animals of the Chinese zodiac (Tigers, Rabbits, Roosters, Horses, Sheep and Monkeys.) Sing-alongs, games, and a post-show hands-on demonstration will make the Chinese language and cultural experience accessible to even the youngest audience members!

Sponsored by various donors

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