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"Red" is the traditional Chinese color. It is the color of "happiness." It is the color of Lunar New Year. Developed from a story line of how the Chinese celebrate Lunar New Year, this program is both entertaining and informative. Along with festive music and red ribbon dance, artists from Ba Ban Chinese Music Society wishes you great prospects and joyfulness in the Year of the Pig. 

Dyker Singers will be presenting Chinese songs to wish you a Happy New Year!

和我们一起庆祝充满亚洲表演艺术的农历新年。表演者将提供中国文化节目,包括中国民族舞蹈,歌曲,音乐和观众可以参与的丝带舞蹈演示。 我们图书馆的合唱团将在结束时奉献三首中国歌曲“茉莉花““新年好””恭喜,恭喜“。


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