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This month’s poet is Cathy Gigante– Brown.

Cathy Gigante-Brown is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, plays and poetry. Her poems have appeared in publications like Seventeen, Ravishly and Downtown Express.

She has featured at Tom Kane’s BookMark Bards and Ken Siegelman’s Brooklyn Poetry Outreach, and also at the long-running Green Pavilion Poets. Along with poet Darryl Alladice, Cathy developed a powerful spoken word piece called “My Brooklyn, Your Brooklyn,” about coming of age in the County of Kings. Cathy’s novels, “The El,” its sequel “The Bells of Brooklyn” and “Different Drummer,” are published by Volossal. Her newest novel, “Better than Sisters,” is due out in March 2019—and includes some of her poetry. Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Gigante-Brown, her husband and son make their home there.

Following Barbara's reading will be the open mic.

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